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  The culture of giving back to society is deeply embedded in Redbrick since its inception. Upon seeing the disparity between the society, Redbrick had a vision to make a difference to lives of underprivileged in the country and ensure nobody is deprived of the basic necessities such as food, clothing and education and hence the seeds of Uplift Foundation were sown and Uplift Foundation was registered as an independent trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 since 2014. Through Uplift Foundation, Redbrick runs a number of programs to support the underprivileged including providing education, skill development, enhancing nutrition and medical aid to name a few. Our activities are spread across India (significantly higher in Maharashtra) and reach well beyond our business locations, impacting the lives of marginalised communities. Our various initiatives have already touched lives of thousands of individuals and with a vision to make a difference to millions and uplift their standard of living, we continue to work towards this social cause.
  To know more, please visit www.upliftfoundation.in
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